Lights, camera, 'Animal attraction'!

9th July 2012

Ahead of a sumptuous summer on the This Morning sofa, Eamonn and Ruth caught up with the Daily Mail's Dan Wootton to chat about the key to their relationship both on and off screen.

And naturally, as they posed for a super slick (and uber cool!) Mad Men style shoot, television's beloved husband and wife duo didn't hold back on the all-important details behind what makes them tick!

"I like curvy women and I'm married to the sexiest woman on the planet," Eamonn declared, having revealed that the first time he spoke to Ruth on the phone she was in the bath.

This first chat was of course the start of some sensational and at times feisty banter between the iconic pair, demonstrated to perfection by Ruth revealing how she once "stomped on Eamonn's foot" mid-debate.

Maybe we sometimes overstep the mark with our banter – with the one you love, you know how to hurt them," Eamonn admitted.

"There's no point us being a couple but not acting like one on air. Some people tell me, 'My husband's never spoken to me like that.' But that's not us…

"…To me, this relationship is based on animal attraction… It can be fiery, but my God we love each other. Women's magazines are obsessed with our marriage coming to an end. But we're rock solid."

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Lights, camera, 'Animal attraction'!