How the Other Half Lives

23rd October 2015

Tuesday nights on Channel 5 for the next few weeks will feature Ruth and I doing some of the things you see in these pictures. Believe it or not we are tasting the high life.

We all think we know what wealth is and what it can buy – but believe me – We don't ! In this series we see money that none of us can imagine and when you have money that you can't imagine, the extraordinary becomes very ordinary indeed.The Uber Rich spend money on things that no mere mortal can justify. They do it to buy themselves Time. That means helicopters, private planes, Chauffeured cars and an army of people to leave them more time to make more money. To be really, really rich you need to be making money while you sleep.

I hope you enjoy our journey and that your jaw drops as much as ours did. As for the pictures all will be explained if you watch the series – Eamonn & Ruth, How the Other Half Lives.

Eamonn and Ruth: How The Other Half Lives starts Tuesday 27th October at 9pm on Channel 5.

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How the Other Half Lives