Eamonn on Celebrity Juice

27th April 2012

'I've walked into the wrong studio...' said Eamonn, after his introduction from the host, Keith Lemon, on this week's Celebrity Juice. He teamed up with Fearne Cotton and Chris Ramsey to take on Holly Willoughby, Caroline Flack and Corey Feldman.

'It's like Sky News because you just don't what's going to happen next!' he added.

In the show, Eamonn gets to see what's under Caroline Flack's Mac and interupts the game to host an urgent Potato News Bulletin!

The morning after the show aired, Eamonn tweeted: "Just deleted my appearance on Celebrity Juice from the Sky Plus. ....ha ha , Ruth will never have to know what went on ! Saved."

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Eamonn on Celebrity Juice