Eamonn enters the Celebrity Big Brother House

6th February 2015

Eamonn became the face of his own chat show this week as he entered the Celebrity Big Brother House to interview the housemates about their time on the show.

As part of a task, Eamonn presented a special edition of 'CBB News', where he grilled the celebrities in a series of fiery debates.

Asking hard hitting questions around money, game playing and 'being real', Eamonn caused quite a stir with his straight talking tactics.

Keith Chegwin and Katie Hopkins came to blows over 'the real Keith', after Katie accused Keith of never having an opinion, and Keith suggested Katie and Perez Hilton could be 'play-acting' their feuds.

The debate also saw Kavana address his drunken argument with Keith, Katie Price defend her 'boring' persona and Michelle Visage explain herself as a voice for LGBT.

Special guest former CBB finalist James Jordan dropped in to make an appearance on Eamonn's panel, as he shared his strong views on the series, including how he would have reacted if Perez had been a housemate during his time on the show.

Plus 2014 winner Jim Davidson phoned in to offer his words of wisdom to the remaining housemates.

'The trick is to just be yourself,' he said, 'and if just being yourself is dull then you're out.'

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Eamonn enters the Celebrity Big Brother House
Eamonn enters the Celebrity Big Brother House