Eamonn and Ruth become patrons of Dogs Trust

24th April 2013

It has been nearly two years since Eamonn and Ruth adopted Maggie, their now beloved black crossbreed, from the Dogs Trust rehoming centre in Harefield.

Eamonn and Ruth are delighted to announce that they have recently become patrons of the charity, to support the continuing work of the Dogs Trust team.

“Dogs Trust has made such a difference to not only my life but also Ruth and Jack’s," Eamonn explained.

"After meeting Maggie we knew we had to take her home with us and we’ve never looked back. I couldn’t imagine our home without her and Dogs Trust is providing similar happy endings each and every day for the thousands of dogs that they care for and rehome.

"Ruth and I are delighted to be Patrons of such a worthwhile cause and urge people to think rescue if they’re thinking of adding a four-legged friend to their family, and remember ‘A Dog is for Life not Just for Christmas’.”

Dogs of all shapes and sizes find themselves at Dogs Trust, many through no fault of their own, and last year Maggie was just one of the 16,000 dogs that were rehomed.

You can help to make a difference to a Dog's life - for more information and to make a donation, visit the Dogs Trust website. 

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Eamonn and Ruth become patrons of Dogs Trust
Eamonn and Ruth become patrons of Dogs Trust
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