'An amazing four days'

6th June 2012

It was on a particularly soggy Sunday 3 June that Eamonn and his Sky News co-hosts with the most Sarah Hewson and Charlotte Hawkins braved the rain to bring us coverage of the spectacular Thames Jubilee Pageant.

"With @skycharlotte at Tower Bridge," Eamonn Tweeted as the team took up their posts outside City Hall. "Wet is not the word. Jubilee Disaster."

"Behind our Gazebo is The Gherkin... somewhere! Rain rain go away..."

Unfortunately however, that rain was there to stay - but it didn't stop the spectators from pouring into London to watch the 1000 strong flotilla following Her Majesty down The Thames.

"Respect to everyone lining the Thames route," Eamonn Tweeted later that day. "Been here since 6AM - the cold is in my bones but lovely occasion."

A "medicinal" Brandy or two and some hastily constructed extra shelters later, and it was the end of a chilly but fantastic day.

Monday saw Eamonn heading to the Diamond Jubilee Concert and giving us all a sneak peek inside the official Jubilee hamper ("chilled soup and strawberry crumble amongst the delights") before preparing for the final day's coverage back at Buckingham Palace.

Following the Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral, Eamonn described the "amazing wave of Cheers and Goodwill sounding around the Queen's Limo as it headed down The Mall" during the Royal's Family's formal carriage procession back to Buckingham Palace.

"What an amazing 4 Days," Eamonn Tweeted as the celebrations came to a close.

"Well the party is now over. Thank u to those of u who watched it all unfold with us on Sky News. Appreciate it."

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'An amazing four days'
Sarah Hewson couldn't resist Tweeting this picture as Eamonn treated the crowds to "a royal wave for his loyal subjects" during the course of the day!
'An amazing four days'
... and Charlotte added a photo of the lovely Katherine Jenkins into the mix, as the operatic superstar dropped in to the studio to mark the occasion.