How can I get in touch with Eamonn?

If you want to send Eamonn a question to answer or have a comment about the site, or a show, email officialeamonnholmes@jamesgrant.co.uk. Due to how many comments and questions we receive we're really sorry but we are unable to reply to you personally.

How can I get in touch with Eamonn via snail mail?

If e-mail isn't quite your bag, you can write to the Eamonn's management company who'll pass on their mail. Due to the huge volume of mail they receive, unfortunately they won't be able to answer your letters personally.

Eamonn Holmes
c/o James Grant Media Ltd
94 Strand On The Green
W4 3NN

I am having a problem viewing an area of the site. What should I do?

For technical difficulties contact officialeamonnholmes@jamesgrant.co.uk.

I want to use an image from the site for my own website/company website. How do I do this?

The copyright for most images on this site are owned by James Grant Media Ltd, or by listed photographers, and you must not use them without gaining permission first.

How do I advertise on the site?

If you have an interest in advertising on the site, please contact Leon Harlow.