What a turn up for the books!


Wayne Rooney better put his money where his mouth is or more accurately our money in the back of the net. Anybody who has ever had a fierce row with their lover will realise it will take a long time and a lot of making up before things are right again.  I suppose it’s like a relationship break-up. Why did we drift apart? Is there anyone else? Who has been whispering in whose ear?


With me and Wayne Rooney it’s personal. And it’s personal to every other Manchester United supporter. Indeed if you are an Everton supporter you will screech “Now you know how it feels!” And indeed we do. Like two spurned lovers, rival supporters can now sit over a drink and compare notes about how he wooed us and won us. How we were transfixed by his talent, his energy, his passion. How he told, first the blue half of Liverpool, and then the red half of Manchester, that he would be ours forever more – how there would never be anyone else in his life, how we were the best thing that ever happened to him.


Until the next floozy football club came along.  But just like Coleen, United has taken him back. This deal says more out Sir Alex Ferguson than is does about Rooney. He doesn’t like losing- at anything! Believe me, he and I were a team on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and when we got the elbow at £64,000 he didn’t take it well – a bit like myself!


Rooney and his people called in to question the ambition of Manchester United Football Club – they have now broken the bank to not only secure him but more importantly have staved off the greedy clutches of money no object, Manchester City. That was the real battle Fergie was fighting, not keeping Rooney but stopping the axis of power shifting to the Blue side of town.


So Wayne, like a cheated on partner we’ll have to get used to looking at your face and smiling – despite what we’re feeling deep down. Don’t underestimate how long it will take you to win our affections back. On the plus side, however much it stings for all concerned you have made the right choice.


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  • Looks like a big cynical game played by his agent for more money.
    I would feel "Raped" if I was a Man Utd supporter. He sure needs to perform or he will be booed right out of town! No pressure or what? Let's hope for his and Man Utd's good he get's his shooting boots on! Ohh, and while I'm at it, the boots Footballer's wear these day give zero protection based on the amount of injuries!
    Your's in peace
    see you on the box next week !
    Les Calderwood
  • Not too harsh in my opinion rather letting him off too easily. The bloke has disrespected the club, his team mates and the fans. The club has safeguarded their asset by getting him to sign new contract but should now transfer list him and cash in. He will soon find that the grass is not always greener on the other side.
    Gordon Baxter
  • Your very harsh Eamonn, if you don't mind me saying so. You need to be pointing the finger at whoever has been in his ear.

    Man Utd will still be Man Utd long after Wayne Rooney has come & gone. I said on your other blog yesterday (characters permitting), that he hadn't gone anywhere yet. My advice would be to look at the fella as a Footballer & enjoy having him while you can. He'll have Old Trafford back jumping for joy before you know it.

    Keep Smiling, its healthier.
    John McBride
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