A big week in football...


For Wayne Rooney and his advisors to claim that Manchester United football club is not ambitious is a scandalous smoke screen. This is the straw that has broken the camel’s back. The last time I looked at the badge he used to kiss so often it didn’t say Waynechester United on it. 30 trophies in nearly as many years under Sir Alex Ferguson say all you’ll need to know about ambition. A more likely explanation is that the comfort seeking in his personal life seem replicated in his professional life as well. Of course I feel betrayed; of course I am angry and disappointed – because it didn’t have to be this way. Many of you will say “It’s only a game. He’s only a worker like anyone else and he has the right to do what he wants to do”. And that may be so but football is one of those things in life that demands more. We who follow it have made it personal, they who play it, they who kiss the badges on their shirts, who determine the mood of the rest of us, have entered into a pact that rightly or wrongly takes things to a different level. But let’s put that aside and talk about the wider message in all of this.


Wayne Rooney may become as rich as Croesus but has he no-one close to him who will explain that in doing so, he will become bankrupt of respect and integrity?


He earns £90,000 a week at the moment from Manchester United excluding sponsorship deals.  That’s expected to be increased to £200,000 or nearly £10 million a year. He and his management team know that he could get more at Manchester City or another big premiership club. But it’s not just about the money; it’s about the particular club prepared to offer it to him. To go to Manchester City at this time would be a taboo relationship. Without boring you with the details, to United supporters it represents a repugnant sin. The look, tone and words of Sir Alex Ferguson during his news conference this week said it all. He was like a parent who had tried everything possible with a wayward son – a son who he had cared for, nurtured, looked after, and it was a son who was showing no thanks, no gratitude in return. This may have been expected by a fly by night, here today gone tomorrow foreign import of a player but not homegrown Roo.  But I say that from a fan’s perspective and fans are often blind to imperfections. Wayne Rooney hasn’t got the best of reputations, hasn’t had the best of years, but he had a marvellous chance to be rehabilitated by the football community and his Club under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson. So far this year he has allegedly betrayed his wife and his talent. Why didn’t he just put his head down and take advantage of the concern there was for him? As Gloria Gaynor says in the song “Go on now go – walk out the door – don’t turn around now ‘cos you’re not welcome anymore!”


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  • He's stayin well we never seen that coming from the ROO fella mind u would think 180k a week would make anybodys mind up
  • I'm not too sure many olive branch's will be held out to Wayne Ronney now he is staying.

    Your thoughts on Wayne Rooney staying Eamonn? Relief or....?
    John McBride
  • I'm an Arsenal fan but I find it extraordinary that a) Rooney would assert that MANCHESTER UTD, of all clubs, isn't ambitious enough or good enough for HIM and that b) he thinks he can "teach his grandma how to suck eggs" and tell SAF, of all people, how to do his job. You're a footballers son and you're currently contracted to do a job, which is to put your boots on and kick a ball and leave the managing to those who know all about it! Wants to win trophies? What does he think he's being doing these past six years? Hallucinating? I don't care how high up the English media placed him, he has proved himself devoid of loyalty to ANYONE. Gazza might be going to jail, Wayne. He turned down Utd and Fergie and opted for the big city lights. THINK ON Rooney before you flush your career down the pan.
    Julie Thompson
  • Good man for sharing your thoughts Eamonn, you come across well if you don't mind me saying so. I'm not a Man Utd fan can I just say, however first & foremost I am a Sports Fan.

    I do often wonder whether Footballers understand exactly what influence they have over people like us? I say this given the recent events back at Liverpool FC & how Hicks & Gillette went about their business forgetting that there are people who live & breathe their football clubs & in some instances, can affect both their personal & professional lives.

    Back to Wayne Rooney, & I like this quote from your good self...."but has he no-one close to him who will explain that in doing so, he will become bankrupt of respect and integrity?" In my book, Sir Alex Ferguson is the best in the business, & as an example of that, has looked after Ryan Giggs from day dot, when he too looked like he would err on the wrong side of caution. Ryan Giggs, an example to us all, work hard first, plenty of time to play hard af
    John McBride
  • Agreed.
    It'll be rather uncomfortable for a while to see Rooney in a City shirt if that's the club he ends up at, but IF we (United) win one of the major trophies this season, and city fail to win anything for the 35th consecutive year, the sweet taste will make nectar taste like water.
    Despite the Glazers, we have to keep our faith in Fergie. Come on the Reds!
  • Totally agree. I loved him and I truly believed he'd be a United legend, but with everything he's said this week, I don't even want to see him wearing the shirt again. To say we lack ambition is ridiculous; to say he wants to play alongside top names is a horrible insult to his teammates. I'd love to see him crying in a City shirt as he sees us lifting the trophy in May. Many big names have left us, but no man is bigger than the club and Man United never die.
  • 100% Right
    Ricky M81 Belfast
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